Ennerdale Consulting Ltd
Quality Policy

1. Introduction
Ennerdale Consulting Ltd. has adopted a set of policies that reflects its commitment to the provision of high quality services.

This policy statement demonstrates the commitment given to quality assurance and the endeavours being made to comply with best professional practice.

Through our Quality Charter, we aim to ensure that the services we deliver fully meet the expectations of our clients.

2. Our Business
Ennerdale Consulting Ltd. is a small management consultacy practice offering services to the not for profit sector and to companies seeking to trade in this area.

Our existing and prospective client base demands a high quality output and ultimately our business depends on providing our clients with good quality advice.

The commitment we undertake in this policy statement therefore reflects the nature of our business.

3. Statement of Intent
It is the policy of Ennerdale Consulting Ltd. to apply effective and appropriate quality management procedures to all of its contracts and projects and to apply quality standards in the most practical and reliable manner consistent with our client’s specifications and requirements.

The Company’s policies and procedures on quality assurance are supported by its other policies relating to equal opportunities, health and safety, environmental practices and the company’s commitment to continuing professional development and training for its directors and employees.

Our approach to quality assurance includes agreeing with the client the nature, amount and timing of the outputs to be delivered during the course of the project/assignment. In all cases we will seek to agree this with the client at the earliest stage of the project/assignment, and ideally before we actually start our work (although it is recognised that it will not be possible to do so in every case). In all cases Ennerdale Consulting will seek the client’s approval of the outputs delivered by our staff in our specific performance of the contract.

4. Responsibilities

The Managing Director:

Holds ultimate responsibility for the Quality Assurance Policy and acts as Quality Director ensuring effective implementation of that policy.

Ian Gardner
Managing Director

August 2000
and reissued May 2005

Quality Charter

Our Quality Charter covers the following areas

1. Purchase of Goods and Services
As bought in materials or services have a direct affect on the output of Ennerdale Consulting, the selection of suppliers, associates and subcontractors is of obvious importance. The Company will therefore endeavour not to purchase products or services from companies or organisations who fail to supply high quality goods or services.

We :

Give preference to suppliers who are committed to the production of quality goods and the provision of high quality services.
Where appropriate, obtain quality assurance data from our suppliers.


2. Education, Influence & Opinion Formation
Ennerdale Consulting is committed to the highest possible professional standards and its Managing Director is a Professional Practice Supervisor for the Chartered Institute of Housing. The Company also fully supports Continuing Professional Development and its directors undertake to participate in regular training and professional updating.

The Company aims to set an example by adopting best practice in a number of areas, including compliance with Professional Codes of Conduct and Model Terms of Engagement.

We :

Will ensure so far as we are legally able, that other parties involved in delivering our contracts and assignments will follow the example set by us.


3. Employment
Ennerdale Consulting will always use suitably qualified and experienced staff when undertaking any consultancy or interim management assignment.

We :

Will take up client references for sub contractors and associates.
Will carry out post assignment satisfaction surveys to inform our future business strategies and standards.

4. Compliance with Legislation

Ennerdale Consulting will seek to promote quality assurance by complying with current legislation, and will where appropriate highlight quality assurance implications when providing advice to clients.

We :

Undertake to comply with current legislation, so far as it is applicable to our business and we are made aware of our obligations.

5. Provision of Services
Ennerdale Consulting will undertake assignments having regard to the following Professional Codes of Conduct and Standards.

Institute of Management Consultancy
We will follow the Institute of Management Consultancy Codes of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines.
Chartered Institute of Housing
We will also adhere to the Chartered Institute of Housing Code of Professional Conduct.
Chartered Management Institute
In undertaking Interim Management assignments we will abide by the Chartered Management Institute Code of Professional Management Practice.

6. Customer Feedback
All comments regarding the quality of our services should in the first instance be made to the Managing Director.

The Company formally requests customer feedback at the end of each assignment through a Post Consultancy Questionnaire.

The Company has adopted Model Terms of Engagement based on The Institute of Management Consultancy Standard Terms (1999 edition). Under these terms, and in the event that the Managing Director is unable to resolve any complaints regarding the service we provide, our Clients may appeal to the Professional Standards Manager of the Institute of Management Consultancy.

At the end of each assignment, our clients are offered the opportunity to provide a testimonial on the service we have provided. We publish these on our Web site.

7. Insurance
The Company carries Professional Indemnity Insurance.

8. External accreditation

Ennerdale Consulting will seek independent accreditation of our commitment to quality in the delivery of our services.

We :

are accredited by Constructionline.