Ennerdale Consulting Ltd
Environmental Policy

1. Introduction
Ennerdale Consulting Ltd. has adopted a set of policies that reflects its concern for the quality of the local environment and the wider need to conserve the finite resources of our planet.

This policy statement demonstrates the commitment given to environmental issues and the endeavours being made to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

Through the objectives detailed below, and through continual improvement in line with our Green Charter, we aim to make a significant contribution to a sustainable, healthy and balanced environment.

2. Our Business
Ennerdale Consulting Ltd. is a small management consultancy practice offering services to the not for profit sector and to companies seeking to trade in this area.

Our existing and prospective client base requires our staff to travel throughout the United Kingdom and work on many of our client’s sites.

The commitment we undertake in this policy statement therefore reflects the nature of our business.

3. Statement of intent
At Ennerdale Consulting we will work towards the reduction of any detrimental impact on the environment caused by the provision of our services.

Specifically we:

Discourage waste and encourage the recycling of materials.
Use recycled materials wherever practicable.
Endeavour to reduce energy and water consumption in our premises.
Encourage staff to use public transport wherever possible.
Aim to develop means of reducing fuel consumption in the performance of our services by car pooling, use of unleaded fuel and pre-planning site visits to ensure lowest possible fuel consumption.
Endeavour to use the services of, and obtain supplies from, local firms and businesses to reduce the fuel consumption involved in their delivery and to support the sustainability of the local economy.

Ennerdale Consulting measures its current level of performance through the implementation of an environmental impact audit. A baseline audit was undertaken in the early stages of the company’s trading history to enable performance to be monitored and to facilitate the production of realistic targets.

We produced an initial Environmental Report in 2003 detailing our progress. We are committed to updating this report on a biannual basis.

4. Responsibilities and Organisation

The Managing Director:

Holds ultimate responsibility for the Environmental Policy and ensuring effective implementation of that policy.

Ian Gardner
Managing Director
August 2000
reissued May 2005

Green Charter

Our Green Charter covers the following areas:

1. Purchase of Goods and Services
Ennerdale Consulting will endeavour not to purchase products or services which are environmentally damaging where an alternative is reasonably available in terms of quality and price, and will promote the use of the least damaging products.

Ennerdale Consulting :

Gives preference to suppliers who understand the importance of environmental issues.
Where appropriate, obtains environmental data from its suppliers.
Participates in the Kendal Local Exchange Trading Scheme.

2. Education, Influence & Opinion Formation
Ennerdale Consulting takes an active role in assisting its clients and educating the public on environmental issues. We will strive to lead by example and will cooperate with other environmental bodies where appropriate.

Ennerdale Consulting :

Demonstrates its commitment to the policy by its actions in the areas of waste reduction, use of energy and respect for the environment.
Ensures that other parties involved in delivering our contracts and assignments will follow the example set by us.
Supports reputable Environmental Groups such as Friends of the Earth.
Is part of The Sustainable Business Network.

3. Employment
When utilising employed resources we will seek to raise the environmental awareness of our staff by emphasising environmental and health issues in staff training, and encouraging staff to have a regard to the environmental impact of their individual and group actions. We will aim to develop environmental employment policies (having regard to legal and practical constraints) and to provide environmentally acceptable working conditions.

We :

Support the Environmental Guidelines for Professional Managers as issued by the Institute of Management and encourage our staff to follow these.

4. Compliance with Legislation
Ennerdale Consulting will seek to safeguard the environment by complying with current legislation, and will where appropriate highlight environmental implications when providing advice to clients.


Undertake to comply with current legislation, so far as it is applicable to our business and we are made aware of our obligations.

5. Production of Waste
Ennerdale Consulting undertakes to minimise waste production in its activities and will explore the viability of utilising waste by recycling, etc.


Actively participate in the recycling of materials - including printer cartridges.
Use recycled materials where they will generate output of appropriate quality.

6. Provision of Services

Ennerdale Consulting will fulfill its role as a provider of services, whilst ensuring that these services will minimise environmental pollution and maximise conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources.

We :

Support the use of public transport in undertaking travel to our clients premises.
Regularly maintain vehicles used on company business thereby increasing fuel efficiency and minimising CO2 emissions.
Adopt car sharing wherever possible.
Use e-mail wherever possible to minimise the use of paper.
Offset our CO2 emisions each year through donations to Future Forests who plant trees on behalf of the company.

7. Use of Energy
Ennerdale Consulting has adopted an energy conservation policy aimed at reducing the consumption of nonrenewable resources.


Ensure that our buildings use energy efficient equipment, including lighting.
Encourage the saving of energy.

8. Banking & Investment
Ennerdale Consulting will only invest ethically and requires its bankers to follow an appropriate Environmental Policy.

Bank with HSBC and the Ecology Building Society.

9. External Accreditation
Ennerdale Consulting will seek independent accreditation for our commitment to the environment and to socially responsible business practices.


are a member of Ethical Junction
can certify offsetting our CO2 decisions each year through Future Forests.
are accredited by Constructionline.