Ennerdale Consulting Ltd
Equal Opportunities Policy


1. Introduction
Ennerdale Consulting Ltd. has adopted a set of policies that reflects its commitment to the principle of equal opportunity.

This policy statement demonstrates the commitment given to equality issues and the endeavours being made to comply with relevant legislation, regulations and guidance.

Through our Equalities Charter, we aim to recognise the differences our society contains and support the benefits of equality and diversity.

2. Our Business
Ennerdale Consulting Ltd. is a small management consultacy practice offering services to the not for profit sector and to companies seeking to trade in this area.

Our existing and prospective client base provides services directly or indirectly to a diverse range of customers and we recognise that our advice and services will have an impact on equality of opportunity.

The commitment we undertake in this policy statement therefore reflects the nature of our business.

3. Statement of Intent
Ennerdale Consulting Ltd is committed to the principle of equal treatment in the areas of service provision and employment. The company through its Directors, employees or sub contractors will not practice any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, mental or physical disability, religion or other beliefs, marital or family status, sexual orientation or physical appearance.

The company will abide by and implement as far as practicable the provisions of the following pieces of legislation:

  • The Equal Pay Act 1970
  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  • The Sex Discrimination Act 1975
  • The Race Relations Act 1976
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • The Employment Acts

together with any new or amended legislation and Codes of Practice - including Professional Codes which have any bearing on Equal Opportunities.

4. Responsibilities

The Managing Director:

Holds ultimate responsibility for the Equal Opportunities Policy and ensuring effective implementation of that policy.

Ian Gardner
Managing Director

August 2000
reissued May 2005

Our Equalities Charter covers the following areas:

1. Purchase of Goods and Services
Ennerdale Consulting will endeavour not to purchase products or services from companies or organisations who fail to respect the principle of equality of opportunity.


Give preference to suppliers who are committed to the principle of equality.
Where appropriate, obtain equal opportunities data from our suppliers.

2. Education, Influence & Opinion Formation
Ennerdale Consulting takes an active role in assisting its clients and educating the public on equality issues. We will strive to lead by example and will co-operate with other bodies promoting equality of opportunity where appropriate.


Will ensure so far as we are legally able, that other parties involved in delivering our contracts and assignments will follow the example set by us.

3. Employment
All appointments and promotions will be based on merit, qualifications and experience.

In its recruitment and selection of employees, Ennerdale Consulting will seek to eliminate any assumptions, preferences or judgements that do not relate to the potential abilities of individuals to perform the required jobs. Furthermore, Ennerdale Consulting aims to ensure that no job applicant is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

With regard to Conditions of Service, Ennerdale Consulting undertakes not to discriminate unfairly in the operation of its conditions of service. Any benefits and facilities provided by the Company will be offered equally to all groups and individual employees.

4. Compliance with Legislation
Ennerdale Consulting will seek to promote equality of opportunity by complying with current legislation, and will where appropriate highlight equality of opportunity implications when providing advice to clients.


Undertake to comply with current legislation, so far as it is applicable to our business and we are made aware of our obligations.

5. Provision of Services
Ennerdale Consulting will fulfill its role as a provider of services having regard to the principle of equality of opportunity.


Uphold sections 2.4 and 2.5 of the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Code of Professional conduct.

6. External Accreditation
Ennerdale Consulting will seek independent accreditation of our commitment to Equal Opportunities.


Are accredited by Constructionline.
Have met the West Midlands Forum Racial Equality Common Standard.